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Cornerstone Investment Strategies

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Cornerstone's Core Principles

Our ultimate goal at Cornerstone Investment Strategies is to help you develop your financial goals and then to work along with you in pursuing those determined goals.  Through education, information, and open communication we will guide you through the journey of building your legacy.

We believe the core principles are critical to the success of every plan and should be followed throughout the life of the investment plan.  These principles were developed through thirty years of experience and may be of value to you in a variety of ever changing market conditions.  These principles are listed below.

1. Protect your principle. Choose to commit to never spending your principle.  And add to the principle whenever possible.

2. Accumulate income producing assets.  Choose bonds that pay interest and stocks that pay dividends.  Every time you have money to invest buy something that will pay you to own them.

3. Invest only in the highest quality securities.  Choose the highest rated bonds, and blue chip stocks with a history and commitment to paying dividends.

4.  Diversify your investments.  Usually no more than 5% in any single security, and in most cases less than 5%.

5.  Choose direct ownership of securities when prudent.

6.  Make provisions for inflation and loss of purchasing power, first, by investing in stocks with a history of raising their dividends; and, secondly, by reinvesting some of your income.

7.  Plan to meet with us at least once a year, more if necessary, to review your goals and the performance of your investment.

No investment product mentioned here or strategy, such as diversification, can assure success or protect against loss in periods of declining values.  This is not meant to be a substitute for professional advice, as individual circumstances vary.  Dividends are subject to market and interest rate risk if sold prior to maturity.  Bond values and yields will decline as interest rates rise and bonds are subject to availability and change in price.